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La Aime Douleur
...мир останется лживым, мир останется вечным, может быть, постижимым, но все-таки бесконечным...
Для этой записи я возвращаюсь сюда, потому что здесь, на этих электронных страницах, это все и началось.

So it always involves a dance of sorts. I think we forgot about that vodka shot, or the following events have made it hard to remember the number and sequence of drinks, since the events themselves were just so much more intoxicating. And I'm sure the dance floor was full of obnoxious drunk people that probably kept bumping into us, but I don't remember anyone else being there but him, right in front of me, so close I could smell that damn laundry detergent that has haunted me for the past six years in the quiet suburban streets on all those bike rides I've taken to clear my head, but instead cleared all thoughts except the ones of you. And we plunged into that kiss with the abandon of pulling a trigger in the game of Russian roulette, or cliff-diving, or paragliding, and my heartbeat matched the adrenaline levels in the bloodstream. And we separate only for me to tell you how much I love the song that's on (Young Folks) and nothing else needs to exist on this dirty dance floor, in this world, it can all go up in flames and flood over with melted ice caps as long as I can keep running my fingers through your hair and grab a fistful and you're not letting me go, and I don't want you to because once more we're the so close we are practically one person, and I don't ever want you to go because my world is still and for once I'm not in a hurry to go anywhere else because everything I need is right here, I want to stay like this forever, like slugs on a branch, our bodies folding into each other, like yin and yang, like every fucking corny lovey-dovey thing on this planet. Because you're the most familiar being to me in all the insanity of this life, and I've waited so long to come back to the place, right next to you, where I'm whole. And so much can go wrong now, and I'm terrified, but I refuse to ask for anything less than this, ever, from anyone, anywhere, I've travelled across the world and suffered from so many identity issues just to get to you.

2010-10-20 в 18:31 

Je cherche le soleil
Если ты сюда вернешься, то с Днем Рождения тебя :white: :)

2010-11-27 в 11:12 

La Aime Douleur
...мир останется лживым, мир останется вечным, может быть, постижимым, но все-таки бесконечным...
Спасибо большое, спасибо, что помнишь)


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